KlinTech, Inc. can provide a wide range of services.

We can assist you in administering and maintaining your existing information technology infrastructure.

We can assist you with enhancing the performance, reliability, and security of your existing IT infrastructure.

We can assist you with designing and implementing a new IT infrastructure or upgrading your current setup.

KlinTech, Inc. can install and configure a variety of servers for your business. A sample listing of the types of servers that KlinTech, Inc. can provide is:


Domain Name System (DNS) servers - used to resolve a domain name to an IP address.
Intranet or Internet web servers - allows you provide information that is accessible from a web browser.
Intranet or Internet e-mail servers - allows your business to communicate using e-mail using your own domain name. Includes anti-virus scanning of all e-mail messages and optional spam filtering.
Proxy servers - Allows you to control what websites your employees may visit from their work computer. It can allow access to only the websites that you allow or can only restrict access to websites that fit in a number of categories such as pornography, violence, drugs, etc.
Firewall/Gateway - helps protect your local area network (LAN) from unwanted traffic.
Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controllers - allows centerlized user and computer management.

KlinTech, Inc. can also provide any computer or networking hardware your business may require.

Contact us to find out how we can help you reach your information technology goals.